Bad Luck and Trouble


The reigning master at combining breakneck yet brilliantly constructed plotting with characters who continually surprise...


  • Bad Luck and Trouble unfolds with the simple, immaculate logic that makes this series utterly addictive.

    —Janet Maslin, The New York Times

    [A] breathless, ultracool novel with relentless pacing... Why on earth hasn't this series hit the big screen?

    —Cleveland Plain Dealer
  • [A] slam-bang yarn filled with Child's usual terse life-and-death lessons.

    —Entertainment Weekly

    [T]he action is intense, the pace unrelenting, and the violence unforgiving. Child remains the reigning master at combining breakneck yet brilliantly constructed plotting with characters who continually surprise us with their depth.

    —Booklist, starred review
  • Perhaps there are action-lit writers more recognizable than Child, but the bet is that none of them will turn in a tighter-plotted, richer-peopled, faster-paced page-turner this year.

    —Kirkus Reviews, starred review
  • One of the best books in the series... Highly recommended.

    —Library Journal, starred review

    Guaranteed to keep you flipping pages... ruthlessly and relentlessly effective.

    —The Portland Tribune
  • Simply put, Jack Reacher, Lee Child's longtime protagonist, is the smartest, stealthiest, most suave good guy since James Bond. Life stops when a new Lee Child novel arrives; one could not pry it out of my hands!

    —Andy Nettell, Arches Book Company for Book Sense
  • Right from the heart-stopping opening, and all the way to its cheer-provoking climax, it compels you to read on like a cokehead greedy for line after line after line... No matter how great the odds, no matter how vulnerable he seems, Reacher somehow survives—that's why he's such a hero.

    —Mark Sanderson, Evening Standard
  • [P]ractically nothing is what it seems, and the meticulously detailed route to the truth proves especially engrossing thanks to the joint efforts of this band of brothers (and two sisters)... their smart-ass banter masking an unspoken affection. The villians' comeuppance, a riveting eye-for-an-eye battle scene (hint: helicopter), is one of Child's more satisfying finales.

    —Publishers Weekly
  • [P]ure, high-octane escapism from start to finish... you'll be holding on to your hat with this one.


    Child achieves a perfect balance of the cerebral mystery and action adventure novel...

    —Crime Spree Magazine
  • The action doesn't give you too much time to catch your breath, and you sure don't want to put the book down, except to extend the pleasure of reading about one of the most unique characters in mystery fiction.

    —Deadly Pleasures Magazine

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