Lee Child

Past Tense Past Tense


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Reacher has a plan to follow a diagonal path across the US, from Maine to San Diego. When his ride ends in New Hampshire, he sees a sign for his father's birthplace. What's one extra day? Might as well see the house his dad grew up in. But looking for the old homestead's address at the city clerk's office, Reacher is told there's no record of any Reacher as far back as eighty years. Now he has to wonder, was his dad telling lies and if so, why? And if not, what happened?

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Naked Blue


You've read the books, watched the movies, now hear the songs
Lee Child and Naked Blue wrote about Reacher!
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What would Reacher be like in a song? When Lee and Naked Blue decided to collaborate on an album, the results were amazing.
Songs from Reacher's perspective backed by beautiful vocals and gorgeous guitar playing.

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The Midnight Line The Midnight Line


#1 bestseller worldwide now in mass-market paperback!

Critics are saying this may be Lee's best book so far! Reacher hops on a bus out of town because it's the first one leaving. Nothing simpler than that. At the next rest stop, Reacher is stretching his legs, walking around town when he notices a woman's West Point ring in a pawn shop window. Why would a West Point grad give up her class ring when it takes so much to earn one? Good question, thinks Reacher. Maybe he should find out...

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JR coffee label


    Oh yes, it's THAT good. Would we kid you about COFFEE? Never!
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