Author Interviews


SalonTV: SalonTalks speaks with Lee about a wide variety of topics, including his latest books, reading in general, what thrillers provide, and a BIG hint about the 2018 Reacher novel, January 2018 (video)


Stribling's New York: Rob Taub and Lee discuss The Midnight Line (no spoilers), October 2017 (audio)

Noireland: David Torrans talks with Lee about his Belfast background, Irish writers and their storytelling legacy, October 2017 (audio)

The New Statesman: Lee Child Q&A: We'll be done soon, and the planet will recover, June 2017

The Daily Mail: Caroline Graham finds out that Lee's brawling Brummie background came in handy, February 2017


Peter James TV: Crime author James interviews Lee on YouTube for his Authors Studio - Meet the Masters, November 2016 (video)

The Spectator: Stav Sherez explains why Lee Child’s creation is worthy of critical respect and picks five reasons why the Jack Reacher novels are brilliant, October 2016 (not an interview but we like it)

The Guardian: Lee on Amazon's Real-life Bookshops and why we should be worried, February 2016

“Write Here, Write Now”: Lee on creating momentum in a podcast for the Salt Cay Writers Retreat, February 2016 (audio)

Rancho Mirage Writers Festival: Lee's keynote speech in which he explains when Reacher was really born, wonderful stories from Lee's youth and the road to becoming a story teller, January 2016 (video)


CBS This Morning: Lee talks about Make Me and Never Go Back movie, Sept 2015 (video)

Harvard Bookstore & Dept. of English: Lee and Stephen King talk all things Reacher, Sept 2015 (video)

Free Library of Lee in conversation with Linda Fairstein, Sept 2015 (video)

2014 Lee talks about why he studied law in college and more, Sept 2014

CBS This Morning: Anthony Mason and Margaret Brennan get "Personal", Sept 2014 (video)

Wall Street Journal Book Club: Lee chooses "Sophie's Choice" and explains why, August 2014


Empire: Lee talks about the script for "Jack Reacher", writing screenplays and explains cricket to Americans in this interview for the magazine, January 2013 (video)

The Leonard Lopate Show: Lee discusses NEVER GO BACK, September 2013 (audio)


Playboy: A candid interview with Lee on the art of the head butt and more, Oct 2012

CBS This Morning: Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell chat Reacher, women and more with Lee, Sept 2012 (video)

Chicago Tonight: PBS interviews Lee on all things Reacher, Sept 2012 (video)

Google Play: Office Hours interviews Lee on everything Reacher, Sept 2012 (video)

Writers Digest: Lee Debunks the Biggest Writing Myths, July 2012

Booklist: "You're Doing It Wrong", Lee and Joe Finder butt heads about writing, Part 1 and Part 2, May 2012

Literary Lions Gala: Lee's not-to-be-missed keynote speech at the Kings County Library fundraiser, May 2012 (video)

The Center for Fiction: Lee's Master Class on "Why Writing Rules are Mostly Bullsh*t", Part I and Part II, March 2012 (video)

The Big Thrill: Anthony J. Franze on Lee Child and the "Long Game": Lessons on (Writing) Success, March 2012


Life And Other Matters: Pam Atherton interviews Lee on movie casting, First Thrills anthology, crime writers and more (past the intro it's full of interesting nuggets), November 2011 (audio)

Free Library of Philadelphia: Lee's talk plus Q&A with 320 of Philly's finest (approx. 1 hour), October 2011 (audio)

Globe and Mail: Q&A: Lee Child on writing, naming and aging Reacher, September 2011 The Stone Killer of the New York Yankees, September 2011

USA Today: Lee Child on "The Affair" plus Five Questions with Lee Child, September 2011 (video)

Financial Times: Lunch with Lee Child where the reporter can't quite believe Lee's preference for coffee over food, July 2011

Mulholland Books: A Conversation with Mark Billingham and Lee Child, Part I and Part II (very insightful, highly recommended), July 2011


CBS Sunday Morning: The Mystery of Lee Child's Success, October 2010 (video)

BBC 4: Open Book with Mariella Frostrup discusses Harper Lee's classic To Kill A Mockingbird as it turns 50 with Lee, Kwame Kwei Armah, Shami Chakrabarti, Meg Rosoff, and Diane Roberts (15:47 is where Lee begins speaking), June 2010 (audio)

First Tuesday Book Club: Jennifer Byrne Presents: Bestsellers & Blockbusters with Lee, Matthew Reilly, Di Morrissey and Bryce Courtenay to discuss what it takes to be a bestselling author, May 2010 (video)

Wall Street Journal: Reacher's Minimalist Roost (Lee's stuff-free home), May 2010

The Center for Fiction: Discover Lee's two reasons for contributing to The Dark End of the Street anthology. Many thanks to Shannon Byrne for this clip. May 2010 (video download)

ABC Brisbane: In conversation with Richard Fidler, April 2010 (audio) Sixty Seconds with Lee Child, April 2010

London Evening Standard: Clash of the Titans, Ian McEwan vs Lee Child, March 2010

Left Coast Crime: A short, funny clip from Gregg Hurwitz's interview of Lee as Guest of Honor, March 2010 (video)

The Daily Mail: "Why Anyone Can Write American", January 2010


Parade: What Inspired Me The Most (hint: it's today's military), December 2009

The Leonard Lopate Show: New York City Thrillers w/Lee, George Dawes Green & Reggie Nadelson, August 2009 (audio)

Parade: My Good Life After Being Fired, July 2009

Time: Lee's Summer Reading List, July 2009 (video & optional extended audio)

Stacey Cochran: The Artist's Craft: Stacey Cochran interviews Lee for a long, lovely half hour, May 2009 (video)


Entertainment Weekly: Stephen King asks in Entertainment Weekly: "Who Says Real Men Don't Read?" September 2008

The Leonard Lopate Show: Lenny interviews Lee for WNYC, July 2008 (audio)

Lee at Powell’s Books: June 2008. It's a big download but worth it, especially if you've couldn't attend this year's tour. (Windows Media video download). Many thanks to Jim Plant of and John Strauch for their generosity in making this video possible. Presents: Lee Child compares music to writing, June 2008 (Quicktime video download) Jake D. Steele interviews Lee, June 2008 (audio)

Bantam Dell Podcasts: Lee on Reacher, soldiers, writing & the perfect coffee mug (audio), June 2008 Lee speaks to about Nothing to Lose (video), 2008


The New Individualist: Robert Bidinotto interviews Lee, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, May 2007

The Rap Sheet: Ali Karim's Lee Child Tradition, April 2007 Part I, Part II & Part III


Craig Ferguson: Lee on CBS' The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, June 2006 (Quicktime video) (Windows Media video) Kacey interviews Lee on One Shot, June 2005 (audio)


Live from Prairie Lights: "Live from Prairie Lights" where Lee reads from One Shot, June 2005 (audio)

The Early Show: The Early Show on CBS tv interviews Lee, June 14, 2005 (video) interviews Lee on One Shot, June 2005 (audio)

New Zealand TV: Paul Holmes interviews Lee for New Zealand TV, April 2005 (Quicktime video) (Windows Media video)

BBC 5: Simon Mayo on BBC 5 Live, April 2005 (audio) Lee chats with reviewers and answers callers' questions



Poisoned Pen: Barbara Peters of Poisoned Pen interviews Lee about Reacher, writing & Without Fail, 2002 (video): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 & Part 6

BookCrazyRadio: BookCrazyRadio interview, for those of you who think most interviews are too short (this is a large download, so be patient), 2002 (audio download)

Bestsellers World: Bestsellers World interview, August 2002


The Internet Writing Journal: Interview with Lee Child, August 2001

The Thrilling Detective: Jack Reacher Page

Books ‘n Bytes: Jon Jordan interviews Lee, 1999

Partner’s & Crime Mystery Booksellers: An early interview with Lee Child